Let’s Talk About Dirty Boat Names

Let’s Talk About Dirty Boat Names. Inappropriate boat names. Sentiments aside, a lot can be said about the owner of a boat just by the name of the boat. It’s not just about the name, but a lot followed the naming, including the memory of a special event, person, or location.

It is important to know that many boat owners actually have a hard time selecting a suitable name that will reflect their personality.

Many times, a boat can be used as a souvenir of precious happenings, a lost loved one, or a historical event.

There are lots of steps involved in naming a boat, and these have been collated following advice from boat owners and their stories about how they came about the name of their boat. First, unwritten rules for naming a boat.

Informal Rules for Naming A Boat

Let's Talk About Dirty Boat Names

  • Class of Boat: there are lots of boats available. Powerboats, yachts, ancient boats, and even modern boats are all types that vary based on features. Most owners go with names that use the prefix of the original brand name of the boat.
  • What defines the owner as a person? A hobby, an animal that is the favorite that appeals to the personality of the owner.
  • A particular mood sets the owner in the right atmosphere and gives them peace of mind. Examples include names that can depict a sense of adventure, romance, or relaxation mode
  • Beautiful names from international languages (most owners go for this, especially picking names with French origins).
  • The size (length or weight) of the boat.
  • Some names associate someone with one’s profession or a favorite hobby.
  • A particular feature of the boat that appeals the most

With that, there are tips that can be instrumental in choosing a name that best describes someone’s personality.

Picking a Suitable Name for a Boat

  • Choose a Unique Name

A lot of boat owners are lazy with coming up with unique names for their boats. For a boat that best describes one’s personality, digging deep into generating an original name is not out of place.

A good place to begin the selection is to go through the rules stated above and coin up a name that ticks a majority, if not all of the boxes.

After coming up with selections, the next step is to visit the national database compiled by the Coast Guard to check if the selections raised are available on the site.

  • Coin a Name out of Official Names

It is commonplace to name boats using feminine positions. A favorite step is to generate a name that springs up a memory of an important feminine personality.

Whether a role model, a person of authority, a partner, or a favorite female family member. Asides from that, it is believed that a property named after a human entity will be taken care of the most, mainly because of the emotional sentiment attached.

When coming up with suggestions, it is important to make them short and attractive, and also easy to pronounce. It is also helpful in cases of an emergency when there is a frenzy and calls for help are placed.

This is also useful when sending signals over the radio with the Coastal Guard to avoid confusion. A useful tip is limiting the name to at most, three words.

Secondly, keeping the name as friendly as possible portrays one as a friendly person which whom everyone will want to be associated with.

Come up with a name that will naturally be liked by all and sundry, and is easily adaptable in all situations. Avoid names that can trigger a painful memory or elicit a kind of disapproving reaction.

In addition, when generating a name, it can come from a prefix of the original name or something that inspires anyone who comes in contact with the name.

It is not necessary to use a name that must be acceptable by everyone, but an easily likable one, that has a nice story of origin, originating from instances like poems, stories of valor, or coined from autobiographies.

  • Pick a Name that Lights up Moods

There are lots of names that may not sound personal but will depict the owner as a fun-loving person. Add up some graffiti as styling and design, along with some beautiful lighting to beautify the name.

One can’t go wrong with a beautiful design that was curated along with the name of the design to make it more attractive and enticing to onlookers.

In essence, a boat name that is sure to crack people up, lighten the mood, and easily start a conversation is a big winner.

  • Use a Catchy Phrase that may Include the Boat’s Manufacturer

Sometimes, a way to make people guess the boat’s manufacturer or even the model is to use the name of the model in a phrase.

It makes it simple, flashy, and a way to stipulate a high level of IQ. for instance, one can use the phrase “To Catch a Predator” to depict the name of the Sunseeker Predator, the name of a ship.

These can also be favorite things to love about the ship; the size, amenities that come with the

  • Add the Name to Include a Job or Profession

Many boat owners like to declare their chosen field of profession. It becomes easy when one uses his/her profession to select a name, especially one that they love.

This can also be extended to hobbies. Common phrases like “Doctor’s Orders” clearly depict the owner as either a doctor or a healthcare professional.

  • Display a High Level of Wittiness with the Name

Sometimes, it is easier to spice up a conversation just by naming a boat. This can be done by using puns to mask meanings.

Something that sounds like a riddle will always score a huge goal whatever the situation. It shows a high level of intelligence and will most likely attract people of the same intellectual level.

  • Naming After Things of Historical value

Many boat owners use their boats in remembrance of a historical event. This could be a movie, cultural memory, song, or event with a lot of emotional attachment.

Some owners also extend the gesture to a popular sporting event, where they won a huge bet or a wager in which the proceeds were used to purchase the boat.

Important Guides to Help when Giving a Boat a Name

  •  Names that can spark a cultural dispute should not be used. A boat can go on the sea, and potentially cross into different jurisdictions. Using a name that may come off as racist, sexist, or insulting to a particular gender should be avoided.
  • There are a lot of names out there that are hard to pronounce just because they are long. Short, simple, catchy, and interesting names of at least 3 words should be more than enough to portray the thought.
  • Avoid words that can confuse a search party in the case of a rescue mission.
  • Any name that may sound embarrassing or irritating when said over the intercom or radio should be avoided. There’s no need to make things complicated.

Some Suggestions to Spark Up Ideas for Boat Names

There are lots of names out there, to generate ideas to bring up a unique name. The following list contains some of the famous names out there.

Common Names that are Humorous (Dirty Boat Names)

inappropriate boat names

  • Holy Ship
  • Forced Family Fun
  • Laguna Matata
  • Midlife crisis
  • Missing anchor
  • Coral reefer
  • Fish and ships
  • Change the channel
  • Fish magnet
  • Prawn Star
  • Sea senor
  • Looking for FIsh
  • Mother rudder
  • Ketchup

Interesting Boat Captions

  • Wet dream
  • Lure me
  • Motorboater
  • Sea Stalker
  • Tail Chasers
  • Knotty hooker
  • Fishnets
  • B. Knotty
  • Hehe
  • Nice aft
  • Bite me
  • Blue moon
  • Carpe diem
  • Destiny
  • At last
  •  Bailout
  • Adagio
  • Black pearl
  • Amazing grace
  • Escape
  • Encore
  • Flying Cloud
  • Escapade
  • Dragonfly
  • Dolce Vita
  • Footloose
  • Aqua holic
  • Comfortably
  • Blew by you
  • Cool change
  • Feelin Nauti

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There are lots of reasons why one would want his boat name to describe his personality. It is said that a boat is a representation of the sign of freedom- freedom to float through the sea.

When naming a boat, many people are wary of boats with names that may attract the attention of the authority. Any name that may seem to show strong activity should either be doused or avoided altogether.

Some people claim renaming a boat that has already been named is a sign of a bad omen. Buying a boat from another owner is not a bad idea, but sometimes, these superstitious beliefs have a way of convincing one’s psyche.

Many people claim to be the rightful owner of a boat bought from another person; it is necessary to carry out a customary renaming ceremony. This may sound ridiculous, but well, the “sea has spirits”.

Some people make the mistake of leaving the naming to strangers; strangers may give the boat a name that is in high contrast to the persona of the owner, but it is also seen as irresponsible.

You should consider the purpose of your boat and then come up with a name that represents your personality or hobbies.

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