Best Double Decker Pontoon Boat and Why Should You Go It

Seeking to have an awesome time while boating? Then you should definitely consider going for a double-decker pontoon boat. Since the first models were released, pontoon boats have always been associated with fun. But the recent introduction of a double-decked model just takes the fun experience to another level.

There are multiple sizes and shapes for this model, as well as various customizations like rigs or slides. If you haven’t yet seen this model around, be rest assured that it gives a good return on the money invested in it.

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Why Should You Go For A Double Deck Model?

Why Should You Go For A Double Deck Model

1. It provides you with a nicer view

There is a difference between being at sea and seeing at sea level, then when you have a better, higher, and richer view. This is what the double-decker boat offers to whoever boards it.

On normal vessels, when you are in a busy area and there is traffic on the waters, your view might be restrained. But, with this model of the pontoon boat, you give yourself an advantage and rise up above that traffic to have a nicer view of the horizon, the crafts around you, and nearby shores. This can be of benefit to photographers, who are just beginners and hoping for some great shots.

2. It has more room

Apart from being fun to be on, the double-decker boat provides extra room for more people to join in. If you’re thinking of getting one for a trip or an outing, be it for family, colleagues, or friends, ensure to book one that has enough space for accommodating the number of people that will be coming along.

These types of pontoon boats are usually cost-effective, as they can contain more people, (a regular double-decker pontoon boat of about thirty feet can accommodate roughly 13 people). This usually rules out the need to charter another vessel, and the cost, when shared between the boat’s occupants, it’s cheaper.

3. The Double-decker has slides.

If you reside around Destin, Florida and you’re thinking of booking a double-decker for a trip, there are a lot of activities that are awaiting you. You could start off by heading into the Harbor at Destin or the Choctawhatchee Bay and enjoy the wind. Fishing is also good here and you could catch a couple of fish. You could also take a swim or go snorkeling.

Apart from all these, one important feature of this decked pontoon model is its slides. These slides, (there are usually two of them,) offer a sort of water-propelled springboard from the higher deck down into the water. It is a great way for both adults and children to have fun.

4. It provides more shade.

One thing about this model is that it provides you with shade, unlike the single-decked boats. This enables you to keep up with the fun whilst being protected from having sunburn. Also, it saves you the stress and worry of taking along and having big umbrellas aboard.

This new model of the pontoon boats offers to make your outing as exciting and as enjoyable as you could expect. Whether it’s just a leisure trip or an organized group outing.

Best Double Decker Pontoon Boat to Choose From

What Are Some Of The Best Variations Of This Model To Go For?

#1. The Jungle Float Sport

Of all the different makes and variations of pontoon boats, this one is the most creative. It is the only one that boasts of having a slide and a trampoline both on one boat. You might not put much into this information until you see it for yourself. Another thing that counts in this boat’s favor is that it is pretty lightweight and compact, and very pocket-friendly. 

There are no restrictions on who gets funds approval according to the company. This craft’s slide gives you an amazing twenty-six feet of exhilaration. When the trampoline is not in use, it could also be used as a cot. Though small, this craft boasts of sufficient lounging room, both on the lower deck, and some parts on the upper deck.

This is because; the upper deck does not have any shades. But, not to worry, as this area is not for much sitting. This is because it’s where the slides and the trampoline are situated.

#2. The Solid Craft Funship

For this craft, and in comparison with the other pontoon boats, it seems very scanty. But this is the intended design because all that excess space provides sufficient play space and standing room for whatever fun activity will be going on, aboard the craft.

However, anyone who thinks they might want to sit is allowed to bring aboard some chairs for personal use. Or you request for chairs to be provided by the company. This craft has a railing on all sides, which makes for nice ventilation, and has a top deck wider than most.

Its top deck is also scanty and is the perfect spot for any fun activity of your choice, whether it is to enjoy the scenery, take some nice shots, videos, or just lay down for some sunbathing.

You get to make that choice. You could also make use of the slide at the top deck. This amazing craft can comfortably accommodate 14 occupants. Its spacious and roomy design makes this possible.

#3. Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship

This luxurious model caters to the very need of people who seek a premium and surreal experience. It provides both a lounging room and seating almost everywhere.

The bottom deck has a table that is larger than the common ones, and the top deck is the sundeck, where people go to enjoy a bit of sun or go sliding. This model can comfortably accommodate as many as 15 to 18 people. 

It also has great features such as a great sound system made by Infinity, vinyl seats to sink into, mood lighting for night trips, and other exciting features that complete your overall experience and makes it worth your while.

As expected, these extra features and benefits come at a price. You can get this boat without customizations for the sum of $67,000.

#4. Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship 

This model is classified under the family of luxurious pontoon boats with two decks. It costs about a hundred thousand dollars to charter. Having invested that kind of money, you can be sure that you would get your money’s worth.

This craft is a high-powered engine. So, while it can be used for relaxation, it can also cruise at a high speed. There are a lot of seats both on the upper and lower decks. The upper deck can be sat on directly, as some part of it is customized just for that. And, don’t forget about the water slides too. That is a must experience.

#5. Premier Escalante

The seating arrangement on this craft is different from any other that you have seen. These arrangements cater to the need to just lounge all day and relax.

This raft also comes with a kitchenette; which means you can spend all day on the water. The top deck is shaded as well as the bottom, and it boasts of a great water slide, spacious room (it is about thirty-two feet long,) and a powerful engine. Along with its other nice benefits and features, it is well worth its price which is $135,000.

#6. Premier Sensation 240

This model comes with different variations: for fishing, luxury, and relaxation, or taking tours.

The Premier Sensation 240 is slightly over twenty-four feet in length and has the same layout as most pontoon boats.

It has lounging areas in the front part of the boat and seating areas also at the back. It has soft vinyl seats which make for really comfortable seating, which can withstand the effect of having children around. It can withstand any stain and is rid of those easily too.

Some additional features of this craft are its changing area on the lower deck, its ottoman that can be moved, and that has a built-in cooler for drinks as well as cup holders.

The seats come with storage space to secure your gadgets while speeding on a cruise. You could also enjoy a bit of sun on the upper deck, or you could go for a slide down into the water below.

With its carbon-fiber gauges, fish finding devices, and great stereo speakers, the Premier sensation makes for an interesting dive into great relaxation.

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