What Are Pontoon Lifting Strakes?

If you’re in the market for a new boat, you may have noticed that pontoon boats have significantly increased in popularity in recent years. These versatile boats are perfect for fishing, leisurely cruising with your family, and entertaining guests.

However, one potential drawback of pontoon boats is their lack of speed in activities like skiing or tubing. Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem. By incorporating lifting stakes into your pontoon, you can increase its speed by 15% to 25%.

This is a great way to improve your pontoon boat’s performance without adding extra horsepower. So, if you’re looking to get more out of your pontoon boat, consider adding lifting strakes as a way to increase speed and performance.

What Are Pontoon Lifting Strakes?

What Are Pontoon Lifting Strakes?
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Pontoon lifting strakes are an important component of pontoon boats that can greatly enhance the vessel’s performance. These metal structures are attached to the pontoon tubes and designed to lift the boat’s bow.

The unique rounded shape of the lifting strakes allows them to immerse halfway into the water, which helps to increase the speed of the boat.

One of the key benefits of pontoon lifting strakes is that they are made from durable aluminum, which means they can withstand the harsh marine environment and will last for a long time.

Additionally, aluminum is a lightweight material, so it won’t add extra weight to the boat, which will help to increase speed.

Regarding the performance of your pontoon boat, pontoon lifting strakes can make a significant difference. They can help increase the speed of the boat, allowing you to navigate through the water easily.

Additionally, the lift they provide can help improve the handling of the boat, making it more responsive and easier to control.

Function Of Pontoon Boat Lifting Strakes?

# Increase Speed Of The Boat

One of the primary functions of pontoon lifting strakes is to increase the boat’s speed. These devices work by creating a lifting force that helps to reduce the amount of drag on the boat. This allows the boat to move through the water more easily, resulting in a faster and smoother ride.

The strakes work by creating a V-shaped pattern on the bottom of the boat, which helps to channel the water in a way that reduces drag. This results in a more efficient use of the boat’s power, allowing it to move more quickly and easily through the water.

# Enjoy Smooth Ride

These devices help balance the boat and reduce the bouncing and rocking that can occur when the boat is moving through choppy waters.

This can make the ride more comfortable and enjoyable, especially for passengers who may be sensitive to motion sickness. The strake’s lift and balance help keep the boat steady and smooth, even in rough conditions.

# Fuel Economy

Because the strakes help to reduce drag, the boat will consume less fuel to move through the water. This can result in significant cost savings over time, especially if you use your boat frequently. Additionally, using less fuel also means fewer emissions, which is better for the environment.

# Good For The Environment

Finally, pontoon lifting strakes are a good choice for the environment because they help to reduce the amount of fuel consumed by the boat.

This means fewer fumes and harmful pollutants in the water, which can help to protect marine life. Reducing emissions also helps keep the air cleaner, which is beneficial for human health and the environment.

What’s The Speed Increase After Adding Lifting Strakes?

These strakes, which are typically located on the bottom of the pontoon, work by creating lift and reducing drag on the boat.

This results in a noticeable increase in speed, with some boaters reporting a boost of 15% to 25% when using lifting strakes. This increased speed can make a huge difference in enjoying water activities on the pontoon boat.

Whether you’re looking to go for a fast-paced ride or simply want to get to your destination faster, lifting strakes can help make your pontoon boat a more versatile and exciting vessel.

This modification to the boat can make it more efficient, saving you gas and spending more time on the water.

What’s The Cost Of Lifting Strakes?

On average, professional installation of lifting strakes can cost around $2,000. This price can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size and type of boat, the materials used, and the location of the installation.

For example, if you have a larger boat, the cost of lifting strakes will likely be higher due to the increased amount of materials and labor required.

Also, if you choose to use high-end materials, such as carbon fiber or composite materials, the cost will likely be higher as well. Another factor that can influence the cost of lifting strakes is the location of the installation.

If you live in an area with a high cost of living, such as a major city, the cost of professional installation may be higher than in a more rural area.

Are Lifting Strakes Worth The Money?

Before installing them, it’s important to consider whether they are worth the investment. Installing lifting strakes on any boat is an easy way to improve its speed and performance.

The strakes work by creating a turbulent flow around the boat, which reduces drag and allows the boat to move faster through the water.

This can be especially beneficial for boats that are used for water sports, such as wakeboarding or tubing.

The extra speed may not be necessary if you primarily use your boat for fishing or just cruising with friends and family.

If you’re not comfortable working on boats and don’t have the skills to install the strakes yourself, you’ll need to pay for professional installation, which can be expensive.

When you decide to install lifting strakes, you should consult a marine mechanic to help you determine the number of strakes to add and how to place them. It’s a delicate job; if done incorrectly, it can lead to costly damage.

You should also consider installing them inside and outside the boat or just on the inside. Installing pontoons only on the inside is sufficient for banking corners without significant speed loss.

Before installing them, consider whether you really need the extra speed and whether the installation and maintenance cost is worth it.

If you’re uncomfortable working on boats, consider hiring a professional to install the strakes correctly. With the right installation and maintenance, lifting strakes can be a great addition to your boat and can greatly enhance your boating experience.

How Can You Fit The Lifting Strakes?

If you’re a skilled welder, you may feel confident tackling the project independently. However, if you lack welding experience, it’s best to seek a reputable local welding shop specializing in marine installations.

The number and placement of lifting strakes will depend on the intended use of your boat. If you’re looking for the maximum performance boost, installing them both on the inside and outside of the pontoon is best.

This will allow for better lift and improved overall performance. If you want to maneuver corners without sacrificing too much speed, then installing the lifting strakes on the inside should suffice.

Keep in mind that the installation of lifting strakes will add extra weight to your boat, so you’ll need to ensure that your boat can handle the added load.

You’ll need to ensure that the strakes are properly aligned and securely attached to the boat to ensure safety and optimal performance.


Do Pontoon Lift Strakes Work?

Lift strakes are designed to improve the boat’s performance by creating lift and reducing drag. They work by adding small fins to the sides of the pontoon tubes, which help to create lift and reduce drag as the boat moves through the water.

This can result in improved speed, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. However, the effectiveness of lift strakes can vary depending on the strakes’ specific design and the pontoon tubes’ shape and size.

Can I Add Lifting Strakes To My Pontoon?

Yes, you can add lifting strakes to your pontoon boat. However, before doing so, consult a professional to ensure the strakes will be compatible with the specific design and size of your pontoon tubes and that they will be effective in improving the performance of your boat.

What Is A Pontoon Strake?

A pontoon strake is a small fin or blade added to a pontoon tube’s side. The purpose of a pontoon strake is to improve the performance of the boat by creating lift and reducing drag as the boat moves through the water.

Strakes can be added to the exterior of the pontoon tubes as an aftermarket addition, or they can be integrated into the design of the pontoon tubes during the manufacturing process.

Do Hydrofoils Work On Pontoon Boats?

Hydrofoils are designed to create lift by using underwater wings to lift the boat out of the water. They can improve a boat’s speed and fuel efficiency by reducing drag.

Hydrofoils have been used on larger boats and ships, but their effectiveness on pontoon boats is not well established. The weight and size of the hydrofoils and their impact on the boat’s stability are important factors to consider.

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