Pros And Cons Of Pontoon Boats

What are the pros and cons of pontoon boats? Is it worth buying a pontoon boat? With COVID relief checks coming in and the hottest days of summer yet to come, many families are looking for unique and practical ways to spend their extra income. While that money might be best invested in your future, there is nothing wrong with splurging a bit here and there.

That being said, many families consider boating, sun, and summer to go hand-in-hand. With a boat like this, you’ll no doubt have tons of family fun options available to you, but it probably is the pontoon boats that are the most recognized.

Want to know why the boats are so talked about and if they are right for your family? What are the pros and cons of pontoon boats? Here’s what you need to know!

Pros And Cons Of Pontoon Boats

Pros And Cons Of Pontoon Boats

Fun For The Entire Family And Guests

The one is probably pretty obvious and the number one reason that you are looking at this type of boat in the first place.

They are extremely social. As a matter of fact, most people that buy a pontoon boat do so intending to share them with other people. Pontoon boats are good for this because they are spacious with the right amount of comfort.

Plenty of seating makes them the sociable choice amongst many. An even bigger plus is, these configurations usually offer a large, flat floorboard that is grated and does a nice job of keeping kids in.

Extremely Versatile

All the above being said, do not just think of the pontoon boat as a family boat or cruising boat. It can be much more than that. They are used for much more than that. They might be larger applications, but their unique style and design make them great for fishing, pulling jet skis, and just family fun outings.

Whether you are looking for a weekend of fun in the sun or a week of mackerel fishing, you won’t have a problem doing so or more on your new pontoon boat. Along with this, there are plenty of engine configurations available so you won’t have a problem choosing a boat with a little power.

Lacking In Power And Speeds

With the above in mind, pontoon boats aren’t going to offer near the power and speed that you’d get with some other configuration.

Sure, there are packages available that might offer enough power and speed to get some jet skiing in, but they are going to offer the fast exhilarating speed that most people are looking for. With a pontoon boat, you might as well figure that the maximum speeds you’ll be able to achieve are anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour.

Plenty enough for a little jet ski towing, but nothing for real power. Some of the newer tri-toons, offer a little more speed, which might be something you’ll want to consider if speed is a major concern.

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Lack Of Maneuverability

Not only with the pontoon be lacking in power and speed, but they’ll also be lacking in maneuverability. And, this is in part due to their size, design, and style. Don’t expect to be whipping around any tight corners or coves.

The turning radius for a bot like this is usually pretty poor, right at around 25 feet for a 22 footer. Once again, this won’t be a problem for fishing, jet skiing, or just cruising in the sun.

Less Than Superb Handling

With a lack of maneuverability, you might as well figure these boats aren’t going to handle as well either. Unfortunately, this is the case, as they don’t handle so well, especially in choppy waters. You can read any forum or speak with any pontoon owner and you’ll quickly discover that pontoon boats are extremely safe.

This is especially true in safer conditions, but when it comes to rough and choppy waters, the boats are going to offer the type of safety that you’d get from a v-hull boat.

This is because pontoons have a tendency to dive straight into the waves, rather than riding over them. This can be a major problem in rough and stormy conditions. Luckily, this is something that you can combat by trimming the motor.

Read an article or two about trimming your motor and you’ll learn how to set it to raise and lower the nose of the boat. This is something that could end up saving your life or loved ones in inclement conditions.

The Outboard Noise

This probably won’t be a problem for most people, but it is something to note. Pontoon boats can be extremely loud. This is especially true when dealing with the outboard motor configurations. If you are purchasing an older pontoon boat, you want to be especially aware of these motor configurations.

That being said, the newer outboard engines are such a concern. Over the years, manufacturers have implemented technologies that have made outboard motors all that much quieter.

Won’t Break The Bank

Going back to a positive, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when investing in a pontoon. These boats are extremely versatile, sleek, and dependable, but you don’t have to spend a fortune acquiring one. In addition to this, you can maintain and upkeep your boat for a fairly reasonable price as well.

This makes these boats more than an excellent option for people just starting. Whether you buy a new boat or a used one, once you get it up and running, you won’t have a problem keeping it running.

Mostly, you’ll likely be able to do most of the work yourself. If there are problems that require a mechanic, you shouldn’t have a problem finding someone to handle the problems for reasonable costs.

Readily Available

Speaking of affordability, one of the reasons that these boats are so affordable is because the parts are so readily available. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a spanking new model or a much older model, you won’t have a problem finding the part needed for repair.

You also likely be able to find it at a reasonable price. Another thing to note is, you won’t have a problem finding a boat. This might sound kind of silly, but you’d be surprised with COVID.

The pandemic has made it hard to get a hold of a lot of items these days. A lack of computer components and chips have made cars skyrocket in price if you can even find the models you’re looking for.

Ample Storage

Another upside to the pontoon boat is, they offer ample storage. This is probably something that you’d figure right away, given their size and shape, but a lot of people overlook this.

Whether it is jet skiing, fishing, or swimming that is your family’s thing, you won’t have a problem with storage. You’ll have plenty of room to bring along your favorite and necessary items.

After Thoughts

Summer brings a lot of options, but there isn’t much like being on the open water. Being on the open water and being safe can be a one-of-a-kind experience that is unlike other activities.

What’s even more impressive is that you can turn the open water into other activities. Want to swim, fish, or jet ski? Maybe you just want to lounge in the sun. You can do all that from the deck of a beautiful pontoon boat.

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