Which Shotgun Choke Is Best For Hunting A Large, Slow Bird, Such As A Turkey?

Which Shotgun Choke Is Best For Hunting A Large, Slow Bird, Such As A Turkey? When it comes to choosing a hunting choke for larger birds that are bigger than average, the full choke is best. It can deliver about 70% of the fired shells within a circle measuring 30-inch diameter at a range of forty yards. Its narrow construction and pattern that is dense making it one of the best chokes for shooting waterfowl pass, trap, buckshot loads, and turkey.

A shotgun equipped with a full choke is the most practical way to align the trajectory of fired pellets to impact the targets. The distance of the hunted turkey or other slow birds coupled with their slow speed will need the accuracy that a full choke offers.

Shotgun cartridges cost money and when you miss a shot, you may lose money, time, and the prey. Gunfire will alert the birds prompting them to attempt escape. Although they are slow, a full choke improves the accuracy of your shots consistently and limits multiple shots.

A full choke gives you the capability to make precise shots that will repeatedly hit targets. While some choke tubes are interchangeable, you should be careful. A majority of choke tubes will only work with guns of the same make or model from the same manufacturer. A shotgun made by Remington would not be compatible with a choke tube from Mossberg.

You should contact the manufacturer to confirm the compatibility of choke tubes. Although this is not to say different shotguns don’t share interchangeable chokes, a few actually do. We will be reviewing magnificent shotgun chokes ideal for hunting turkeys in 2021.

Shotgun Choke Best For Hunting A Large Slow Bird

Which Shotgun Choke Is Best For Hunting A Large, Slow Bird, Such As A Turkey?

#1. The Remington-Rem-Choke 12 Guage

Remington’s 12 Guage Rem-Choke offers a system of pattern choke tubes that are interchangeable with extended chokes that enable fast and easy change of shotgun choke while hunting.

This choke tube is fully compatible and can be used with every Remington shotgun. It is available in the extra-full .670-constriction to deliver enhanced pattern performance while hunting.

Both steel and lead shots are acceptable, the choke can easily be installed or detached from the shotgun in a few seconds. A firm grip is enhanced by the knurled tube at the front which extends about 1″ over barrel length.

This 12-gauge choke tube will deliver consistent dense and tight pellet concentration at distant ranges when combined with the Premier-Magnum-Turkey Loads.


  1. It is readily interchangeable between all Remington shotguns.
  2. Installation and removal from the shotgun are simple.
  3. Built for heavy-duty use with standard 3 chokes.


  1. Lack of choke plastic case (for tube)

#2. Hunters 06712-Undertaker XT-Tube

The “Undertaker-06712-High-Density-XT” Moss 500 tube is a deluxe-ported 12 Gauge choke that has a knurled end that can be installed or removed by hand without the aid of a wrench. It is compatible with modern High-Density-Hevi Shot, Bismuth, and Tungsten in 12GA shotguns.

It is advisable to utilize it in Mossberg 835, 935 12-gauge shotguns, and the Maverick 91 shotgun only. It supports a tube of 3 inches with a blue finish that fits all 2 3/4, 3, and 3 1/2imch 12 GA shotguns.

At a range of 40 yards, Hunters Undertaker-XT-tube will deposit 90% of shots inside a target with 30-inch size. Aerospace+rated alloy and Chrome-moly topped with extensive heat treatment ensures handling of tough loads. This choke tube will lower muzzle jump and gun recoil with its additional porting. Your effective performance during hunting will be improved.


  1. Can be used with all 2 3/4, 3, and 3 1/2 inches 12 GA shotguns.
  2. Ported for reduction of muzzle jump and recoil.
  3. Easy to install without tools and its end is knurled.
  4. Aircraft-rated alloy, Chrome-moly, plus heat treatment provides support for heavy loads
  5. Delivers a full choke pattern with 90% shot placed at a 30-inch target at a range of 40 yards


  1. There have been no reported complaints

What is the size choke of a turkey choke?

Full chokes measure .030 of 1 inch narrower than the cylinder. A turkey choke is another 30 thousandth of 1 inch narrower than a cylinder.

What is the ideal distance for shooting a turkey?

The head and neck regions of a turkey are quite a small target and you must hit the target quickly and accurately. You might luckily hit a turkey standing a fair distance away but the closer you are, the better your chances. Experienced hunters agree on a distance of 20 to 30 feet.

Which choke should I choose?

The full choke is best. It can deliver about 70% of the pellets of fired shells within a circle measuring 30-inches at a range of forty yards. Its narrow construction and pattern that is dense making it the choice choke for shooting waterfowl pass, trap, buckshot loads, and turkey.

Will I need a gun choke to hunt turkey?

No, you don’t. What you need is a larger shot inside your shell; and also, if you intend to shoot without a choke installed in your shotgun, you must know that it will damage the threading of the barrel that the choke is screwed into.

Do I really need a full choke to hunt turkey?

If you are shooting using a 28 or a 30-inch barrel, the full choke is good. If your barrel is shorter, it is likely to choke it more.

Should I consider a modified choke?

As long as you can pattern your shotgun and you know the distance you can shoot, most chokes will deliver a turkey kill at 30 yards and a modified choke is fine.

What pellet percentage per 30-inch circle is sufficient?

A pattern of the pellets that contain 55% to 60% of the load is sufficient. An ideal pattern of the pellets that are of regular and even density placed within the range of a 30-inch circle will guarantee a confirmed kill.

Which shot should I choose for a 12-gauge?

A 12-gauge-3-inch-magnum loaded with No.5 copper-plated lead pellets; If you pattern your gun tight, it is good for 40 to 50 yards. For better punch and range, a tungsten shot might be handy.

Which is a better choice, a 4 or a 5 shot?

Heavier shots have more mass with energy enough to propel them over 40 yards. 4s are bigger and considering that a large number of turkey chokes are extremely tight, tight patterns are hard to achieve with some guns.

I should pattern a shotgun at what distance?

Step out a distance measuring 18-inches with your right foot.

A turkey is large and slow, which shotgun should I choose?

A full shotgun choke. You’ll get enhanced precision and the ability to hit your target with one shot.

Does it require a lot of pellets to hunt and kill a turkey?

A minimum of 4 pellets retaining around four foot-pounds energy to the head and the neck will be enough to kill a turkey.

What’s the recommended shot size?

When it comes to the recommended shot size for hunting a turkey, we can say that 7 shots are the best.

Is there a proper way to hold a handgun before firing?

Handguns should be held at arm’s length. If it’s a revolver, don’t place your fingers in front of the gun’s trigger where powder flashes may burn them. The slide & hammer of semi-automatics can deliver unpleasant bruises too if you don’t hold them far enough from your body.

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