Banned Boat Names To Avoid

When choosing a name for your boat, no specific guidelines are available, but there are some names that need to be avoided. In this article, we will be looking at banned boat names to avoid.

As emphasized by the U.S Coast Guard in relation to this, no boats are to be given names that are similar either by pronunciation or in spelling to words used for requesting help while at sea.

Neither are boats to be given names that are similar in spelling or in pronunciation to improper, explicit, or vulgar words, subjects, or with implicated racial bias.

To expatiate further on what this directive entails, here is an illustration: Giving your boat the name, “S.E.A.L.S” will definitely result in that name being ruled out, especially if you are in no way affiliated with what that name stands for.

This directive is enacted to prevent and reduce confusion that may arise on high waters, to prevent misidentification and misinterpretation of what each vessel stands for. There are many such names as these that you should avoid naming your boat after. More examples are:

Banned Boat Names To Avoid

Banned Boat Names To Avoid

  • – SOS
  • – Sinking!
  • – Rescue Immediately
  • – Help Needed
  • – Afire
  • – Police Patrol

The above are names that would never get approved, should you intend to register your vessel with them. Also included with this class, are vulgar or explicit words. These would also meet disapproval.

Is It Necessary To Name Your Boat?

This practice of assigning a name to your boat just started as a whim many years back, and it has since picked up momentum among many.

Regardless of this, the question still remains, ‘is it necessary to name your boat?’ What are the pros and cons of having a boat name? Do you need one?

Well, naming your boat is not a compulsory exercise. There is no legal ruling anywhere that demands that you give your boat a name upon purchase.

The act of boat naming was just a whim that began centuries ago and has since been held up as a rite of passage. But, in all, you need not name your boat if you don’t want to.

Usually, it is owners of larger vessels, (as from 25 feet in length, and above,) that consider giving a name to their vessels.

Smaller vessel owners, most times don’t bother with this exercise, as it turns out to be unnecessary most of the time.

But, for larger vessel owners, there is an unspoken rule to name your vessel. And this name can be used when registering your vessel.

There’s no need for fanfare when thinking of a boat name. A simple or practical name would do. And, if such a name already exists, you can still make use of it.

There is no legal decree that prevents you from reusing already used names. However, you should take note of some guidelines when you are choosing a boat name.

As stated earlier, swear words or dirty language, or words that depict racial prejudice, should not be considered as an option for naming a vessel.

You can choose something that speaks of your essence, your tendencies, or passions. Hilarious names are also viable.

A vessel’s name should not be more than 32 letters, and the height of these letters is expected to be at least five inches. The name can be put on each side of the vessel or the transom.

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Specific names for certain types of boats.

Any vessel can have any type of name, be it speed boats, yachts, fishing boats, ferries, any type of vessel at all. But it is suggested that you choose a name that relates to your boat type. To better illustrate, here are some guidelines for specific vessels.

  1. Fast-paced boats:

These types of vessels include speedboats or powerboats. And names such as Flash, Turbo will be a good fit or anything along those lines.

Avoid names that depict irony. It will just defeat the whole purpose of you getting these kinds of vessels. But still, you get to choose.

  1. Long-distance travel boats.

Vessels like these include sailboats, yachts, ocean liners, etc. These boats cover long distances and are often done at a serious pace and no hurry.

Therefore, names that are synonymous with this theme should be picked. Names relating to long voyages, traveling, life at sea, etc., will all be good options for naming such boats.

  1. Fishing vessels.

These cover quite some distance, but not a fast pace, and they are used specifically for just one purpose, which is fishing.

Therefore, names, related to fishing, fishing methods, and expertise, will be suitable for naming these kinds of boats.

Also, you could name these vessels after ocean animals, be it the predators or the exotic ones. It completes the overall effect of naming such a vessel.

The Process of Choosing a Name for Your Vessel

  1. Be inspired.

If you’re sure you want to pick a name for your vessel, that you will be proud to spout off any opportunity you have got, then, you have got to look for some inspiration. Look around. First, determine your vessel type.

With that in mind, you can go seeking inspiration. You can get inspired by anything, really. You just have to keep an eye out for it. You could pick names from ballads, books, or poetry. Unique names have always come from these sources.

Also, you could use the foreign counterpart of a word to name your vessel. It adds to the mystery and exotic air of your vessel.

You could use puns to give your boat a name. This could be hilarious as well and cause an expected sensation wherever you go.

  1. Less is more

The lesser the characters in the name of your vessel, the better it will be. This increases the chance of it being remembered. No one wants a mouthful of words. It will be easily forgotten, as soon as the vessel is out of sight.

Also, in dire circumstances, it would be easier to get and receive help, as it makes for easier communication because every minute is usually precious in such circumstances.

  1. It should be accepted socially.

Do not choose a name, just because you like the sound of it, or because it was social slang or a trending joke at the time.

These can quickly fade away, and then you are left with a name that makes absolutely no sense or is offensive to some.

Before picking a name for your vessel, consider if it is socially acceptable. Will people you care about going to be offended by it?

Is it acceptable for children to read or say? All these should be factored into your final decision in choosing a name for your vessel.

  1. Make sure it is safe for emergencies

While picking a name for your boat, try testing it over radio transmission. Act out an emergency situation and see how it sounds.

Note the ease at which you’re able to communicate the name across. If it passes the test, then it’s a good fit. This is because safety actually trumps everything.

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Types of names to avoid choosing for your vessel

  • Names that degrade a person’s character or personality.

If the name you’re considering picking is one that degrades or defames a person’s character or that of a group of people, then you’re to ditch that idea of a name fast. Naming your vessel should be to give it an identity, and not to offend anyone in the process

  • Offensive names

Any name that you will not feel proud of, telling others about, should not be one you will consider naming your boat after. Stay away from bad or offensive words, vulgar and explicit names.

  • Difficult names.

Names that are hard to remember or pronounce, should be avoided. If anything, you want your vessel’s name to be easy to remember.

Suggested name types for your vessel.

  1. As simple as can be.

The simpler the name you pick for your vessel, the easier it will be for people to remember. It should also be one in which its meaning is evident.

If you pick a name that leaves people wondering about the meaning, they may forget it quite easily. So, opting for a simple name is always a good rule of thumb to follow in naming your boat.

  1. One that depicts who you are.

There is a reason for wanting to give your vessel an identity. One of these might be to make it an extension of your essence, so you could give it a name that depicts this. Be it, “Bold”, “Fierce”, or  “Sunflower,” anything that shows your personality.

  1. Hilarious names.

Everyone needs a good laugh or a smile every now and then. You could name your boat for this purpose. You could choose a name that is hilarious. It could also be the name of a food, a funny animal, anything that is just fun.

Are there any consequences for not having a name for your boat?

There are no consequences for naming your vessel. It is absolutely optional. But if yours is a large vessel, then it is advised that you consider giving it a name. There are a couple of downsides to not giving your vessel a name though, and these include:

1)  It may be ignored.

If your boat does not have a name, especially if it is a big one, it is likely to get ignored by other vessel owners. It is a thing of pride to have a vessel with a name. So, if yours is without one, you might just be ignored by other vessel owners.

2) It raises misgivings

Again, for larger vessels, giving them a name increases the trust that people have in your vessel, especially if it is a commercial one. So, in order not to push people away, it is advised that you consider picking a name for your vessel.

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