Best Saltwater Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

If you love fishing, you know the agony of catching nothing or seeing other people catch fish in your favorite spot. With the right best saltwater fishing rod and reel combo in your hand, you’ll be a champion in no time!

Finding the perfect best rod and reel combo for saltwater pier fishing is not just hard, but time-consuming.

You have to spend hours browsing all the different options available at your local tackle shop or online, hoping you’ll find that perfect combination of performance and price.

Best Saltwater Fishing Rod And Reel Combo (2022)

Best Saltwater Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

The most important part of choosing a saltwater fishing rod and reel combo is making sure that it’s for your body type, personal preference, and budget.

Choosing something like a bait caster may not be the best option if you prefer a spinning rod. When it comes to fishing, having a high-quality rod and reel combo is the key to catching a big fish.

For that reason, we have gathered for you some of the best saltwater fishing rods and reels from different brands so you can find your perfect set.

#1. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Whether you’re a beginner fishing for your first time or an experienced fisherman looking for the latest in the fishing kit, the PLUSINNO Fishing Rod is perfect for any occasion.

The latest in fishing rod technology and design, PLUSINNO Fishing Rods are a result of years of research and development.

Manufactured with the best materials available, these fishing rods will be tough enough to withstand the test of time.

Best used for saltwater and freshwater fishing, these 6′ telescopic rods are perfect for a variety of fishing conditions.

Forget about unbalanced rods, fish hooks, and the heavyweight of metal gear. Now you can experience the lightweight elegance of this fishing rod.


  1. The exclusive cast control system; This feature is truly unique to the PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. The rod features a single-hand control system that gives you easy casting control for anglers of all genders, sizes, or skill levels.
  2. The soft but strong carbon fiber construction; The elite fishing rod is built with a carbon fiber construction that makes it light-weight but also incredibly durable. You can enjoy casting your favorite lure all day long without worrying about breaking your reel or rod!
  3. The rod has an anti-shock system that makes it more sensitive to fish; this feature also keeps the rod from vibration, which causes fatigue. The reel also has anti-shock technology that prevents vibration as well as any harmful wobbling.
  4. Easy storage and storage hooks for transportability; This feature is specially designed for anglers who want to pack.
  5. The 3D Flex system allows you to cast farther and more accurately than ever before so you’re never fishing blind again!
  6. It has an ergonomic rubber grip for more comfortable handling, a cushioned reel seat for smoother casting, and extra line capacity. It also comes with a lifetime warranty which means it will last for years to come.
  7. The PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is a perfect combination of performance, quality, and price. It has the most advanced features with a lot of versatility.

The pros

  • Reel design for high-strength, high-speed performance.
  • Anti-reverse (instant) – powerful gear for tough fishing conditions.
  • Stainless steel hooded reel seat – stays corrosion-free even in water.
  • Perfect elasticity and high-density material reduce the wear and tear of the product
  • Seats are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and have anti-seawater properties.
  • Reel arms are made from carbon fiber with fiberglass mixed in for strength, flexibility, and durability.
  • Designed for freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  • Reel size of 3000: optimal for smaller fish and bait.
  • Perfect elasticity, high-density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass

The cons

  • The rod can be difficult to cast, which may lead to frustration with no results.
  • The handle is uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time.
  • This fishing rod and reel combo is really heavy to carry around
  • The edge of the reel is not sharp enough as it makes it difficult to set up the line
  • Higher price, its limited compatibility with other fishing rods, and the lack of a stabilizer system.

#2. Ugly Stik Complete Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Kit

Ugly Stik Complete Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Kit is a fishing rod that is perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to take up fishing.

It comes with many features like casting capability, durability, and powerful performance. For beginner fishermen, it offers the perfect balance between efficiency and affordability.

The Ugly Stik Complete Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Kit is an ideal option for anyone who wants to start fishing without having a lot of money to spare.

The price point makes it accessible to most people while still offering premium features. The Ugly Stik Complete Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Kit are some of the most popular fishing products on the market.

It provides an excellent and easy way to get started in fishing without having to invest a lot of money.

It is a lightweight rod and reel combo that provides an easy way to start fishing without having to invest a lot of money.

It also has great reviews on Amazon, with 4.5 stars out of 5, which makes it one of the most popular fishing products on the market today. This reel offers an excellent product that caters specifically to beginners.

The Ugly Stik Complete Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Kit is an easy-to-use setup that can be used on the lake or just about anywhere else. It comes with everything you need to catch fish in all types of weather conditions.


  1. Ugly Stik Complete Spincast Reel comes with a smooth drag system with the ability to adjust from 20-80 pounds of drag strength.
  2. It has a good ergonomic grip design that reduces the tension on your wrist and forearms which in turn makes it much easier for you to cast for a long period of time.
  3. Designed for all types of fishing, from catching small bass to large trout. With an included spool, you can use this kit for spinning or casting. Its lightweight graphite rod is ideal for casting light lures or bait but also heavy jigs or plugs.
  4. The Ugly Stik Complete Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Kit are lightweight, durable, portable, affordable and easy to use. This kit has everything that one needs for fishing in any condition without having to worry about bringing along unnecessary items.
  5. A complete outdoor kit for a beginning fly fisherman or streamer caster. With its sleek design, this rod has a lot of features that make it stand out from the rest. It’s also affordable, making it great for beginners or those on a budget.
  6. The reel has a 360-degree spool design so you can cast long distances with less effort. The spool also includes a gear ratio multiplier that lets you crank in more power with every stroke.
  7. The rod is equipped with new “grip rails” to improve your grip while fighting fish that are thrashing on the surface of the water. The rod also has an aggressive “power taper” bass profile so you can put extra power into each cast. This kit comes with everything, from the reel to the rods, some lines, and even a backpack for carrying your gear around town or on trips.

The Pros

  • Attractive, a lightweight rod that’s ideal for beginners and light tackle anglers.
  • Durable EVA handles with graphite reel and 8lb line prespool to ensure a smooth casting experience.
  • 7 Year Rod Warranty that’s backed by the Ugly Stik name.
  • Different graphite rods in various sizes and weights with a variety of unique features.
  • Spinning reels with ball bearing, pre-spooled with 8lb line.
  • The Ugly Stik is one of the most popular saltwater fishing rods on the market, with a distinctive shape and durable EVA handles.

The Cons

  • It has only one casting reel (the Baitcasting Reel) and no spin casts at all. This makes it difficult to switch from one type of fishing to the other.
  • No instant access to the lure
  • It’s not long enough for bigger fish

#3. PENN Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod and Trolling Reel Combo, 6.5 Feet

The PENN Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod and Trolling Reel Combo is a great combo for any angler who loves to fish from the shoreline or from their boat.

The rod is designed with a 3-piece handle that allows for easy storage when not in use. The reel is designed with high-quality components like stainless steel bearings, so you can expect your reel to last for years without experiencing any problems.

Penn Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod and Trolling Reel Combo, 6.5 Feet is made for a variety of different anglers, from beginners to experienced fishers who are looking for the best in terms of quality, design, performance, features, and durability.

It has a number of features that make it one of the best level wind fishing rod combos on the market. This combo has a 30-pound breaking strength, which means you can use it for both trolling and casting with ease.

This rod has a design that allows for you to use the reel without having to retighten it every time, so there’s no more tension when reeling


  1. aluminum spool; the reel’s patent-pending aluminum spool increases durability, reduces weight, and increases corrosion resistance by 25% versus carbon fiber spools.
  2. No-slip grip; the handle is designed with a no-slip grip which provides more control while fishing.
  3. The features of this combo were designed to handle any angler’s needs from light to heavy jigging.
  4. It comes with three different line weights for the rod, including the PENN Power Pro 9′ three-hundred-yard superliner. This fishing rod also comes with a PENN Power-Pro 100% carbon fiber drag system that provides more control in fast water or on big fish.
  5. Exclusive Penn Swivel Technology that allows smooth casting with no line twist or kinks, which reduces fish fighting and improves the hook-up rate
  6. Lightweight fiberglass reel that is non-corrosive, corrosion-proof, lightweight, features a premium EVA handle for grip, is easy on your fingers when reeling the last few yards of line in your hand
  7. It has a six-and-a-half-foot rod and a six-and-a-half-foot trolling reel with the machined aluminum spool, one hundred percent carbon fiber drag system, and two ball bearings.
  8. This rod is all about speed and performance, especially when you’re trying to land a big fish with a lot of pressure put on the line.
  9. It’s made of high-grade graphite and aluminum that helps with durability while the weight is balanced.
  10. It’s designed with an extra-large gimbal for smoothness in casting, which also makes it resistant to torsion–the twisting force that can cause fatigue in rods over time.

The pros

  • Lightweight, and made with graphite frame and side plates
  • Marine-grade bronze alloy main gear; High strength marine grade.
  • Durable construction and lightweight design.
  • Multiple ball bearings for smooth rotation, ultrasensitive rod for maximum accuracy.
  • Bronze gear for corrosion resistance, high strength marine-grade gr for maximum durability.
  • Marine-grade bronze alloy main gear to ensure smooth transmission.

The cons

  • While they are lightweight, they don’t have a high enough quality to last long.
  • It quickly wore out.
  • Doesn’t come with a warranty, which makes you wonder if it’s worth your money or not.

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#4. KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

KastKing is one of the leading manufacturers of fishing rod and reel combos. They offer high-quality rods to anglers, who are looking for a better experience in fishing.

The company is known for its innovative designs that have made them popular among anglers worldwide. The unique combination of spinning rods and reels ensures that you get the best from your fishing experience.

This is a great choice if you are looking to purchase a rod and reel combo set. It comes with everything you need to explore the world of fishing!

KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos are designed for anglers who enjoy the thrill of catching big fish with small tackle.

You can keep your hands on the rod while you reel in your catch without having to worry about losing control of it or dropping it. It’s also a perfect match for medium-sized lakes, rivers, or streams.


KastKing Sharky III comes with the unique features of 3D spinning casting capacities. This rod and reel combo can be used for fishing as well as for catching other types of aquatic animals.

Designed with a solid graphite frame and an ergonomic grip. They’re also very light in weight, which makes them perfect for anglers that are often on the go.

The reel is constructed with corrosion-resistant materials which help to prevent rusting and corrosion. A PVC-coated finish helps to create frictionless surfaces, providing better casting performance and smooth reeling.

The KastKing Sharky III has a compact design that allows it to be lightweight and easy to carry even when it’s not in use.

This rod has been designed with a single-handed fishing grip, which is comfortable and convenient while fishing.

The pros

  • Toray IM7 Graphite design with premium Fuji guides and O-ring inserts
  • Lightweight EVA handles and Fighting Butt construction
  • Best-selling Sharky III Spinning reel included
  • Premium Toray IM7 Graphite Blanks (graphite is the only material that can be used to create a quality blank)
  • Smooth EVA Handles with fighting butt
  • Includes 3 spinning rods: Sharky III Spinning Rods, Top Water 5’3″ Spinning Rods, Big Game 7’6″ Spinning Rods

The Cons

  • It’s not easy to handle when you’re using it in a small or tight space.
  • The reel tends to get stuck if you’re fishing in murky waters.
  • The reel doesn’t seem to hold much fish due to its size and weight.

#5. Daiwa BG2500/701MML BG Saltwater Pre-Mounted Combo,

Daiwa BG2500/701MML is a saltwater-powered reel that has a capacity of 2500/701 yards with a drag system. Daiwa engineers designed the reel to give its users a better fishing experience.

Daiwa BG2500/701MML is made for saltwater fishing and is perfect for big game fish like tuna, marlin, and wahoo.

Daiwa offers you different options in grip, line weight, and spool bearing size to choose from to make sure that you get the perfect baitcasting reel for your needs.

The Daiwa Saltwater series are simply built to be used in any sea condition or freshwater river. These reels also feature an aluminum frame which gives them superb durability and strength while keeping the weight low at just 5 pounds.

Daiwa BG2500 is an entry-level game-changing saltwater pre-mounted combo that provides all the benefits of being pre-mounted, but with features that are also suitable for bass fishing.

The Daiwa BG2500/701MML reel combo gives you the power to pull in big fish and tackle bigger challenges for less than $2000.


  1. Daiwa D-Rig Rod: The rod has a bushing-less design and features a high level of sensitivity that allows for accurate casting in most weather conditions.
  2. Daiwa Saltwater Reel: The reel features 12 stainless steel ball bearings, an aluminum frame, and an 8mm carbon fiber drag system.
  3. Daiwa HPL Spinning Reel: The reel has three ball bearings, is made from marine-grade aluminum and has a ‘Turbulent’ retrieve.
  4. This Daiwa BG2500/701MML BG Saltwater Pre-Mounted Combo is a battery-powered, saltwater pre-mounted reel that can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It has the ability to hold up to 50lb of braided line.
  5. A combo that maximizes convenience by coming in a compact package. This unit is ideal for smaller pockets and children’s hands. It also provides excellent performance with its automatic retrieval system, which reduces the need for manual winding of your line as well as a hassle when reeling in your catch.
  6. This unit also offers high durability by coming with an aluminum frame construction and durable black composite material cover that includes high density.
  7. Daiwa’s Quadra-Balance System (QBS) for enhanced sensitivity and feel, reduced rod flex and weight reduction for incredible castability.
  8. Daiwa’s Lure X Technology with Zero Tangle system for enhanced lure presentation, more control and improved hook sets.
  9. Daiwa’s Hydrostatic Transmission System (HTS), which eliminates rod torque, eliminates line twists and provides increased action.
  10. Daiwa BG2500/701MML BG Saltwater Pre-Mounted Combo is a model of reel and rod that is designed for advanced anglers. This product has been designed to prevent saltwater corrosion.

The Pros

  • It’s easy to use.
  • The Daiwa BG2500/701MML BG Saltwater Pre-Mounted Combo is affordable.
  • It has a powerful rod that can handle any type of fish without breaking.
  • It comes with an adjustable reel seat which allows you to change the line you are using easily.
  • It’s easy to carry because it’s lightweight
  • It has an enhanced corrosion protection system

The Cons

  • Slow retrieval time for retrieving bait, line, and fish.
  • Low spool capacity, so it doesn’t allow you to work with heavy fishing lines.
  • Not good at casting heavy lines.
  • Harder to control the angling process when compared with other reels.

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Deep Sea Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

Best Deep Sea Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

What’s the Purpose of your fishing?

The purpose of your saltwater fishing rod and reel combo determines the type of gear that you should buy. They’re are typically used for catching various types of fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments:

  • Fly fishing: uses lighter weights and smaller reels; great for delicate fish.
  • Bass: heavier reels with more power; ideal for barreling through bass schools.
  • Surfcasting: lightest weight gear with less power, perfect for beginners who want to learn how casting works.

Corrosion protection

When buying a saltwater rod and reel combo, it is important to consider corrosion protection. This is to prevent the corrosion of the reel through contact with the saltwater.

Saltwater rods and reels are made from different materials which can corrode easily when exposed to saltwater, especially if not properly protected.

This can lead to expensive repairs or even replacement of parts in a short period of time which is why you should take precautions when buying your equipment.

Saltwater rods and reels are typically coated with epoxy or other protective compounds that protect them against rust and corrosion, giving them a longer lifespan.

Rod length

The length of the rod determines how many lines you can cast. They should be long enough to reach the water in all conditions, but short enough to maneuver when fishing in close quarters.

The shorter rod and reel combo will be better for a boat that has less than six feet of beam.

If your boat has more than six feet of beam, then you should consider getting a longer rod and reel combo because there are more opportunities to catch fish.

If you aren’t sure of the right rod length, you should ask yourself two questions:

1) Am I going to be fishing on the flats or in water over a few feet deep?

2) Am I going to be using the rod for spinning reels or baitcasters?

If you answered “yes” to both those questions, then you should have a medium-length rod (6’6″).

Type of reel

best rod and reel combo for saltwater pier fishing

When it comes to buying a reel and rod combo, there is no such thing as one size fits all. You should consider the type of reel based on the type of fishing that you will be doing.

When choosing the size, you should decide on how many lines you want to carry; The two main types are medium-heavy and light-moderate.

The light-moderate rods are typically 8-9 feet with a casting distance of 15 feet. Medium-heavy rods range from 9-11 feet with a casting distance of 20+ feet.

Rod power

When it comes to buying a saltwater rod and reel combo, you should consider the power of the rod.

The power of the rod refers to how much force a rod can transmit through a line, the power of the rod can also be referred to how difficult it is for you to cast a particular length of line from certain distances.

The power is measured in pounds per inch diameter and ranges from 8-12 pounds per inch diameter.

In order to understand how much power you need in your rod and reel combo, you first need to understand the difference between action and casting weight.

Action refers to how fast you can move the rod or reel while casting refers to how much the lure is weighed down by the fishing line. You should know that the higher the power, the more force it can transmit.


You have now seen some of the best options available when it comes to selecting a saltwater fishing rod and reel combo.

The best rod and reel combo will depend on your circumstances and there are several factors to consider when choosing the right rod and reel combo. You can now make the right decision when buying them.

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