How To Text On A Cruise Ship For Free

In today’s guide, we will learn how to text on a cruise ship for free. Yes, all for FREE!

Cruise ships are great for vacations because they offer so much entertainment and activities for people of all ages. But there are some downsides; one of which is the lack of Wi-Fi, this can be frustrating if you need to stay connected while on vacation or if you just want to check in with your family back home.

Is It Possible To Text On A Cruise?

When people go on cruises, they often find themselves without Wi-Fi access for days at a time; this means that it’s hard to keep up with work emails and get in touch with family and friends.

While on a Cruise ship you want to explore the world and enjoy the sea but you still want to get in touch with friends and family, and you want a cheap way to stay in touch with them rather than relying on the expensive services offered on the ship.

Texting on a cruise ship can be expensive and inconvenient; you have to pay for the cruise ship’s texting service, which is often more expensive than your own carrier’s texting plan.

You also have to pay for the cruise ship’s data plan, which also can be more expensive than your own carrier’s data plan.

Is It Possible To Text On A Cruise?

Yes, Texting while on a cruise ship is possible, but there are some limitations and drawbacks. If you decide to text from your cruise ship, you should be aware of the limitations and the costs involved.

Texting from a cruise ship is possible, but it can be expensive and there can be a shortage of signals. Cruise ships are not like land-based networks; they have limited bandwidth and are expensive to run, so they don’t allow too many people to connect at the same time.

That’s why in some cases you find it difficult to make calls or send text messages even though there is a signal within your area.

How Mobile Phone Signals Work At The Sea

It is a well-known fact that the mobile phone signal gets weaker the further away you are from the shore; you will notice that you can no longer see your network coverage on land when you’re 20-30 miles from the shore.

On some occasions, the land signals might be available, but they’ll be very weak which you can’t use for sending text messages.

When you’re at the sea, network providers like Cellular at Sea, or Telenor Maritime will provide users with network coverage. This is possible because they use satellites that transmit high-frequency signals from space to earth.

This method provides excellent quality of service for voice and data transmission. The system can provide coverage to the coastal regions and offshore areas by using satellite communication which is much more expensive than terrestrial networks like GSM or CDMA.

Maritime networks are designed for maritime use, which means that the signal cannot penetrate through the water below a certain depth.

Using a Maritime network is very expensive, you can even be charged if you haven’t made calls, texted, or use the internet, just by switching your phone ON they can charge you for it.

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How To Send A Text When You’re On A Cruise Ship

How To Send A Text When You’re On A Cruise Ship

Using Maritime network

A maritime network is a wireless network that uses a ship’s antenna to send data from the ship to a satellite and then to a receiving station on land.

One of the major downsides of this method is the cost; It’s very expensive, but there have been some innovative ways to get around this problem. With this method, you can just send a text as you would when you’re on the land.

Use the ship’s Wi-Fi and then use a messaging app to send the text message

You can send a text message on a cruise ship by using the ship’s Wi-Fi and a messaging app like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger.

You just need to select from any of the Wi-Fi packages offered and pay for it so that you can use the internet, you cannot only use messaging apps, you can also visit your favorite websites.

Use the cruise line app your colleagues on the ship

There is a cruise line for communication on the ship and most of the time it’s for free or you have to pay an activation fee in order to use it.

It’s really cheap but you can only message or call people on the ship only, outside communication on the land isn’t possible with this method.

Wait for your ship to arrive at the port

If you can’t afford to use expensive services on the ship, you can wait until the ship arrives at the port to find a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can find free Wi-Fi hotspot when you arrive at the port, you can then connect to the internet and use one of the messaging apps you have. You can also use local mobile networks as they’re mostly available on the port as well.

How To Text On A Cruise Ship For Free

By looking at the options provided, if you want to send a text for free you can use the free Wi-Fi offered by cruise services, most cruise ships offer free Wi-Fi packages.

You can also use the cruise line’s app which is only limited for use on the cruise. Another option for sending a free text is by waiting to arrive at the port where you can access free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Helpful Tips For Sending A Text When You’re On A Cruise Ship

How To Text On A Cruise Ship For Free

Check for network carriers that provide international coverage

If you’re on a cruise ship and you want to stay connected, check for mobile carriers that provide international coverage. Cruise ships often offer free roaming in certain countries, but not in all of them.

When roaming charges apply, it’s easy to rack up a hefty bill if you don’t pay attention to how much data you’re using.

This will solve most of your connectivity problems because you don’t need to worry about the availability of the network if you’re sure that your mobile carrier has coverage anywhere in the world.

Always Check for Wi-Fi hotspots when you’re at the shore

It’s not always easy to find free Wi-Fi when you’re on a cruise ship. That’s why when you get the chance to be at the shore for a while, one of the first things you should do is check for free Wi-Fi hotspots. If you can find free Wi-Fi at a port for a few hours, it might make your day.

Don’t forget to come along with your Smartphone accessories

Before you begin your trip on a cruise ship don’t forget to come along with your Smartphone accessories; Cruise ships are a great place to unwind and enjoy the views from the deck. But as much as you’ll be enjoying yourself, your Smartphone battery will surely be running low.

Keeping this in mind, before you leave for your cruise ship vacation, don’t forget to come along with power cords, chargers, and other accessories that will help keep your phone going throughout the trip.

Download the app Ship Mate

Ship Mate is a direct messaging service that will keep you informed and updated about your journey. You can also use Ship Mate to communicate with your crew members and other passengers, order food, and pay for expenses.

You will find this app helpful and that’s why you need to install it before onboarding a cruise ship. (Download on Playstore or Apple Store)

FAQS (Frequent Asked Questions)

Can You Text For Free On A Cruise Ship?

Can You Text For Free On A Cruise Ship?

Yes, you can text for free when you’re on a cruise ship, you just need to use any of the methods mentioned in this article.

What Apps Work For Texting On A Cruise Ship?

If you have a Wi-Fi connection you can use your favorite messaging apps, Shipmate is one of such apps you can use for messaging services.

Is WhatsApp Free On Cruise Ships?

If you have Wi-Fi access, you can use WhatsApp when you’re on a cruise ship.

Can You Make Calls When You’re On A Cruise Ship?

Yes, if your mobile carrier has international coverage, you will be able to make your calls comfortably. There are also services as mentioned like Maritime that offer coverage, the only downside is that they’re very expensive.

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