Jon Boat Trailer Kit

In the last few years, more and more people are getting into Jon boats; They are becoming a popular means of transport for many people who want to enjoy the water without worrying about safety.

Jon Boat Trailer Kit

A trailer is a crucial part of the Jon boat because it is used to transport the boat to a different location, a good trailer should have a sturdy design and should be able to withstand terrain.

It should also have enough space for all of your belongings, and it should fit your Jon boat perfectly.

Most Jon boats are small and easy to transport, and that’s why the smaller ones hardly come with a trailer kit, you need to buy them as an extra.

You need to find the right trailer suitable for your Jon boat if you want to make sure that it stays in good condition. It is important to know what you should look for when choosing one too.

Jon boats come in different sizes and hence they require different types of trailers, in this post, we’re going to list trailer kits that are suitable for different sizes of Jon boats.

Best Trailer Kit For 10-Foot Jon Boat: Ironton Jon boat trailer kit

The Ironton is the perfect trailer kit for smaller boats like the 10-foot Jon boat. The trailer kit is one of the best on the market because it is made from high-quality aluminum and has a durable powder coat finish that will last through many adventures on or off the water.

Ironton trailer kit is a great option for anyone who wants a small, low-cost solution that will allow them to easily transport their boat around town or on the water, and it has a lower profile than other options, making it easy to fit in smaller spaces. Here are some of the specs of the kit you’ll receive;

  • The Ironton rolls on 12-inches tires.
  • The length of the bed size is 77-1/4 inches long, and the width is 40-1/4 inches.
  • The whole size is 126-3/4 inches and the width is 52-1/2.
  • It comes with protective fenders, lights, and a 1-7/8 inch coupler.
  • It also comes with a white powder coat for increased durability.

Overall, the Ironton Jon boat trailer is a top-quality kit, affordable, and easy to assemble; It comes with a user manual and instructions so an individual can assemble the boat trailer kit easily.

They offer the best in quality and performance, as well as superior customer service; It comes with a heavy-duty, easy-to-install aluminum frame and a dual axle system that can be fitted to any type of surface.

Best Trailer Kit For 10-Foot Jon Boat: CE Smith Multisport trailer

We recommend the CE Smith Multisport trailer for a 12-Foot Jon boat because it has a lot of features that will make your life easier on a 12-foot Jon boat. The trailer comes with a wide deck, easy setup, and a carry handle.

The 12-Foot Jon Boat is a very sturdy and durable trailer kit that can hold up to 800 pounds. It is a multi-purpose trailer that can be used to transport different types of boats including 12-foot Jon boats, RVs, and other large items.

The trailer is easy to assemble and has an aluminum frame for extra strength. It includes two front wheels for easy maneuverability.

The front bumper of the trailer also has a hitch for your car or SUV so you can tow it behind you. Here are some noticeable features of the CE Smith Multisport Trailer;

  • It comes with a durable-galvanized frame.
  • The trailer kit has 800 pounds weight capacity.
  • It offers an unloaded weight of 200-pounds.
  • The cross-vehicle capacity is 1000-pounds.
  • It can accommodate any 12-foot boat.
  • The trailer rolls on an 8-inch-wheel with fenders.
  • The kit also comes with 2-inch hitch and safety chains, DOT-approved lights, and a winch with a strap.

You will need to assemble the kit when it arrives, the trailer kit includes a tow bar and the necessary mounting hardware to attach your Jon Boat to the trailer.

It also comes with a set of four tie-downs, which will keep your boat from moving around while you are driving. Overall, this is a good fit for your Jon boat and can be used in many different ways.

Best Trailer Kits For Larger Boats, 14-, 15-, 16-, Or 17-Foot Boats

The trailers mentioned above are for smaller Jon boats and they can be easily bought online. For bigger options, you might have to visit a dealer in order to find them. Let’s take a look at the best options suitable for bigger boats.

Road King Trailers

Road King is a company that specializes in building high-quality trailers for Jon boats, skiffs, and Pontoon boats. They have been in the business for decades and have built tens of thousands of trailers over the years.

They offer a variety of trailer kits that are suitable for different types of watercraft; The company also offers customized trailer kits that can be designed to suit your specific needs.

Their trailers are made with aluminum to provide a lightweight structure that can withstand the harsh marine environment.

The manufacturer currently has two types of Jon boat trailers; the RKG-14 and RKG-16W models. These trailers are designed for a variety of uses, including recreational boating, hunting, and fishing.

The company also offers these boats primarily through its website to ensure that customers have easy access to their products.

McClain Trailers

The McClain trailers are designed to carry 12 to 18-foot Jon boats and other boats that are even longer. They are designed for both trailering or hauling cargo with capacities ranging from 400 to 1300 pounds per axle.

McClain has developed models that include an aerodynamic design, power steering, and power brakes that make them more efficient on the road as well as off-road.

They have a unique design that makes it easier for these boats to be transported on and off cost. Their trailers are made of heavy-duty, marine-grade aluminum which has a sleek, modern design with a smooth finish.

  • McClain trailers come with Galvanized fenders and have safety chains.
  • Durable aluminum frames.
  • It has a winch stand with a strap.
  • Approved lighting.
  • 8-Inch tires that are single axle models.

Overall, the McClain Trailer is ideal for carrying boats bigger than 16-foot boats, it has lots of features and the tires are designed for good traction on different surfaces.

The trailer has a built-in stabilizer bar to keep it from swaying when carrying heavy loads, they’re also built to last and will provide you with years of use without any problems at all.

Backwater Trailers

Backwater Trailers is a custom-made trailer for Jon boats, and they offer a wide range of trailer options and accessories.

They’re known for their high-quality customer service, and they have a lot of satisfied customers because they take the time to listen to what their customers want and build the perfect trailer for them.

A backwater trailer is designed to fit on Jon boats; They are significantly more expensive than traditional trailers, but they offer many advantages over the traditional trailer. Here are some of the features you get when you order a custom trailer for your Jon boat;

  • You’ll get 10-foot bunks.
  • It has a diamond plate floor.
  • You get 13-inch galvanized wheels.
  • A hot galvanized frame.
  • A carpeted guide on runners.
  • It comes with Galvanized torsion axles.

CE Smith Trailers

These trailers are designed to be used in a variety of ways, including as a boat trailer, cargo trailer, or utility trailer. CE Smith has been producing high-quality products for over 50 years, they have a team of dedicated professionals who make sure their customers get the best possible service and product.

CE Smith Trailers manufacture multi-purpose trailers that are a good fit for small and large Jon boats. Their trailers are designed to be used in a variety of ways, including as a boat trailer, cargo trailer, or utility trailer.

When it comes to trailer kits for the Jon boat, CE Smith is your next best option. They offer a wide range of trailers that are designed to be used in different types of water conditions, are made with high-quality materials, and are designed to last for long periods of time.

CE Smith Trailers are a high-quality trailer kit that is made from durable materials, they are designed to offer protection and durability for your Jon boat, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in transit.

The trailer kit that CE Smith Trailers provides has all the necessary parts for your Jon boat, whether you are transporting it or carrying heavy stuff in your garage, you can bet on this high-quality trailer kit.

Get Yourself A Trailer Hitch

Most expensive trailer kits come with a hitch, if your trailer kit doesn’t come with one, you definitely need one in your kit.

The trailer hitch is a device that attaches to the frame of a vehicle and has a hook for attaching a trailer; The hitch is typically used to transport cargo or other items, such as boats, motorcycles, or recreational vehicles. It allows the vehicle to tow or carry these objects without the need for another set of wheels.

The trailer hitch is designed to allow a vehicle to tow a trailer and it attaches at the end of the frame and is typically about 2 feet long. The hitch has a threaded hole for mounting onto the frame, and it has a ball that fits into this hole.

The ball must be attached to an eyelet on the frame with a screw or bolt, or it will fall out when pulling or pushing on the hitch.

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FAQs on Jon Boat Trailer Kit

What Do You Need A Boat Trailer For?

A boat trailer kit is a set of components that are designed to make it easy for boaters to tow their boat behind their vehicle.

Boats are often heavy and cumbersome; They can be difficult to maneuver on land and even more difficult when you’re trying to tow them behind your vehicle.

A boat trailer kit helps you get your boat from point A to point B without any problems. Other benefits of a boat trailer include; providing stability for the entire journey, and making sure that your Jon boat stays safe and secure on the road.

It will make sure that you don’t have to worry about damaging or scratching your Jon boat while it is being transported, and it will provide safety as well as convenience while transporting your Jon boat from place to place.

You can see that a boat trailer kit is a must-have for any Jon boat owner. However, you should know that different trailers are designed for different boat lengths, when you check the specifications of any trailer, you can see the load it can handle and the type of boat it is capable of carrying, such as a 10-foot boat, 12, 16, or boats larger than these lengths.

What’s The Weight Of A Jon Boat And A Trailer?

There isn’t a single answer to this, but a typical small Jon boat trailer will weigh between 200 and 300 pounds. Larger trailers for carrying bigger boats can be up to 600 pounds or more.

While a typical 10-14-foot Jon boat can weigh between 130 and 275 pounds. The weight will depend on the model and the type of materials used in building the boat.

Most manufacturers, however, strive to make them very lightweight so that they’re easier to handle and move around.

What Is The Width Of A Jon Boat Trailer?

The width of the Jon boat trailer varies depending on the size and type of boat that it is being used for. The average width is about forty inches, but some trailers can be as wide as sixty inches.

The width also varies depending on how wide the trailer is made, the wider it is, the more cargo it can carry. A Jon boat trailer is typically wider than the Jon boat itself since it needs to be able to accommodate additional weight.

You should also understand that some trailers are custom-made; they are designed based on your boat’s width to ensure that it can accommodate it comfortably.

When you look at the Road king RKG-14 trailer it’s 43-inches wide, and the Road king RKG-16W is 63-inches wide. The larger the boat the larger the trailer one should buy for it.

How much is a boat trailer for a Jon boat?

There is no single answer to this question because it depends on the features that it has and its size; such as the number of axles, how well it can handle wear and tear, and its size.

The typical price for the cheaper options can be anything from $500 to $1000 depending on the features that they have.

While the larger ones can cost you around $3000 and upward, it all comes down to the trailer’s capabilities and the type of materials used to build. Of course, you should expect the more expensive ones to last longer than the cheap options.

How Should A Jon Boat Sit On The Trailer?

You should maintain a distance of at least a 2-inches gap between the kneel and the tongue plate cover. You want to make sure that the trailer is leveled, and the bunks should be used to balance the boat only.

How Much Does A 14ft Jon Boat Trailer Cost?

A typical trailer for a 14ft Jon boat will cost between the range of $500 to $800. But it all comes down to the model and the accessories it comes with, you should expect to pay more for better options. It’s not a surprise to find prices $1000+, but they will be a better option than the cheaper ones.

How Do You Know If A Jon Boat Trailer Is Highway Rated?

Any boat trailer kit should be safe to use on the highway, otherwise, it shouldn’t be manufactured at all since these companies know that people will tow the trailer onto their vehicles On and Off-road. Jon boat trailers are lightweight, easy to set up, and affordable.

To ensure that your Jon boat trailer is highway rated, you should check the weight capacity and the maximum load it can carry.

The weight capacity should be at least 4,000 pounds or 2 tons for highway use. Additionally, the maximum load should be no more than 4 times the weight of your boat.

Also, if you want to know whether your Jon boat trailer is highway rated or not then you can contact your local dealer or manufacturer for more information on the Jon boat trailer safety for highway use.

You can also check the capacity for all important information regarding the capabilities of the trailer such as Max capacity, GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating), and GAWR (Gross axle weight rating). Every boat and trailer kit comes with a capacity plate on it so that boat owners can know how much weight it can handle.

Depending on your state, there are also other requirements for highways, some require that you have licensed plate lights that are working perfectly, and you need to have reflectors on both sides of the trailer.

If a trailer is wider than 6.5-feet you should have turning signals, and so on. Just check with your local regulations to ensure that you abide by the law and avoid getting into any mess while driving your trailer kit on the highway.

How Do You Unload A Jon Boat From A Trailer?

It’s better to watch a video for this and you should know that every model has its own way of unloading a boat.

However, with the help of a forklift, you can easily pull a boat out of the trailer and onto the ground. To help you get started, here are some things to keep in mind when unloading your boat:

  • Make sure that the boat is on a level surface and that it’s not touching anything else.
  • The trailer should be parked on level ground with its wheels properly positioned.
  • The trailer should be parked away from any objects that might damage it or cause it to fall over.

Once your boat is on the trailer, you’ll need to remove the items from inside it. This would include any items that aren’t strapped down and keeping them safe while they’re being stored in the trailer. You’ll then need to unwrap and remove any rope or straps used to secure your boat on the trailer.

Make sure that you’ve removed the boat’s cover before unloading the boat; This will help make it easier for you to load it in and out of the trailer.

Keep all items inside your boat that won’t be used during transportation, and when lifting your boat, don’t lift from underneath: instead, lift from the front or side.

How Do You Load Jon Boat On A Trailer By Yourself?

The process of loading a Jon Boat on your trailer is not complicated, you just need to follow some basic steps in order to succeed. Preferably, you should watch a video that shows you how to do it easily, but here are the basic steps you need to follow;

  • Place the Jon Boat on the trailer in a way that it will not fall off.
  • Make sure the trailer is level and has enough clearance for the boat to slide over.
  • Secure the boat with straps or bungee cords to prevent it from sliding off while driving.
  • Load up your gear and start driving!
  • Enjoy your ride!

How Fast Are You Supposed To Go With A Jon Boat Trailer?

In the U.S, every state has its own law regarding towing trailers but based on our research all the states have speed limits between 55 mph to 65 mph.

It’s not that you must always reach the limit, safety comes first whenever you’re driving. You don’t want to drive at high speed when you’re on a crowded street or you’ll end up bumping into other vehicles with your trailer and that might cause some damages that will affect you in the long run.

Just drive safely at a speed that is even lower than recommended by your state to ensure that no one is hurt. Based on the data found online, here is the speed limit for trailers in various states in the U.S;

  1. Alabama; 55-mph
  2. Alaska; 55-mph
  3. Arizona; 65-mph
  4. Arkansas; 65-mph
  5. California; 55-mph
  6. Colorado; 65-mph
  7. Connecticut; 55-mph
  8. Delaware; 55-mph
  9. District of Columbia; 55-mph
  10. Florida; 65-mph
  11. Georgia; 65-mph
  12. Hawaii; 55-mph
  13. Idaho; 65-mph
  14. Illinois; 55-mph
  15. Indiana; 65-mph
  16. Iowa; 65-mph
  17. Kansas; 65-mph
  18. Kentucky; 65-mph
  19. Louisiana; 65-mph
  20. Maine; 65-mph
  21. Maryland; 55-mph
  22. Massachusetts; 55-mph
  23. Michigan; 65-mph
  24. Minnesota; 65-mph
  25. Mississippi; 65-mph
  26. Missouri; 65-mph
  27. Montana; 65-mph
  28. Nebraska; 65-mph
  29. Nevada; 65-mph
  30. New Hampshire; 65-mph
  31. New Jersey; 55-mph
  32. New Mexico; 65-mph
  33. New York; 55-mph
  34. North Carolina; 65-mph
  35. North Dakota; 65-mph
  36. Ohio; 65-mph
  37. Oklahoma; 65-mph
  38. Oregon; 65-mph
  39. Pennsylvania; 55-mph
  40. Rhode Island; 55-mph
  41. South Carolina; 65-mph
  42. South Dakota; 65-mph
  43. Tennessee; 65-mph
  44. Texas; 60-mph during the day; 55-mph at night
  45. Utah; 65-mph
  46. Vermont; 65-mph
  47. Virginia; 55-mph
  48. Washington; 60-mph
  49. West Virginia; 65-mph
  50. Wisconsin; 65-mph
  51. Wyoming; 60-mph

Do You Need Trailer Brakes?

Most states require that you have brakes if you’re towing larger and heavier trailers; this applies to trailers that are heavier than 3000-pounds. The majority of Jon boat trailers are not even close to this weight, and that means that it’s not required.

However, you still need a trailer chain. Without having a chain and your trailer become loose while driving, the results will definitely be catastrophic.

Do You Need A Wide Load Trailer Permit?

Jon boat trailers are small in width and hardly there is any state that requires having a permit, make sure to check with your local laws.

But larger trailers do require a permit, you shouldn’t ignore having one if your trailer is much wider than the average trailer.

How Do You Transport A Jon Boat Without A Trailer?

You can transport a Jon boat without a trailer; you just need to be careful not to damage the boat when you transport it.

There are a lot of people that carry their Jon boat in the back of their truck’s bed and this is because the boat is not that big.

If you don’t have a truck, you can also transport your Jon boat by hauling it with a car hauler or by strapping it down and carrying it on your back.

You should be careful when transporting your Jon boat because if you hit any bumps at high speeds, you could damage the hull or other parts of the boat that are outside of its protective cage.

Before you buy a Jon Boat, it is important to understand the basic rules of transporting them. You can transport a Jon Boat without a trailer but there are some safety precautions that you should take into account.

When you are transporting your Jon Boat, make sure that it is in good condition and that there is enough room for maneuvering. If the boat has any damage or if it’s too heavy for your car, consider using the trailer option.

Generally speaking, Jon Boats are not meant to be transported on public roads without a trailer as they cannot be driven on highways and other public roads without one. But if you can fit your Jon boat on the truck, and you believe it’s safe, you can carry it anywhere you want.

In most cases, it’s the smaller Jon boats that are carried on vehicles like a truck, but if it’s a bigger one, you can hardly carry it on your regular vehicle, you will need a trailer that will tow it for you.

How To Protect Your Jon Boat And Trailer From Theft

A trailer is a valuable asset to have; It is an expensive investment and it is not easy to replace easily when stolen. If you don’t secure the trailer and leave it unattended, it could be stolen from you.

Leaving your Jon boat and trailer without securing them is exposing them to the risk of being stolen. It is important to secure your Jon boat and trailer by locking them up with a cable or chain.

Additionally, you should make sure that you don’t leave anything valuable in it. The best way to protect your boat and trailer is by using a hitch lock, GPS tracker, and cord alarm.

These products will prevent someone from stealing your boat or trailer while you’re away at the beach or in the woods.

A hitch lock is used to secure your vehicle to another vehicle or object while you’re away from it. It prevents someone from stealing your vehicle while it’s parked outside of your house or in public areas.

A GPS tracker will help you find where your vehicle is if it gets stolen, this includes finding out if someone has been driving around with it for weeks without you knowing about it.

Cord alarms are a great way to protect your boat or trailer from being stolen. These devices are installed on the boat’s cord and should be attached to the trailer as well.

The alarm is activated when someone tries to cut the cords of either boat or trailer, alerting you of their presence.

Wheel clamps are designed to be used on the ends of trailers, boat hulls, and other cargo vehicles; they are also used to prevent theft with ease.

Wheel clamps can also be locked in place so that they are securely attached to your vehicle. There are other options available when it comes to securing your boat, and you don’t need to use all these devices at once, you should just pick one or two and secure your boat and trailer.

Tips On How To Buy A Jon Boat Trailer

Trailer size

Trailer size is one of the important factors to consider before buying a trailer for your Jon boat. Also, it is not only about the size of the boat but also about how you use it.

The size of the trailer you choose will depend on the type of Jon boat you have, its weight, and the terrain you will be going through.

For example, if you are going on a long-distance trip then getting a bigger trailer might be necessary but if all you want to do is cruise around in your backyard then a smaller one would do just fine.

Also, the trailer weight must not exceed the GVWR of your Jon boat; The GVWR is a measure of how much weight a vehicle can carry or tow.

It’s important to know how much weight you are carrying on your Jon boat before you buy a new trailer or upgrade your current one.

Single VS Multiple axle trailers

In order to decide whether to buy a single-axle trailer or a dual-axle trailer, you must consider how much weight your boat will be carrying.

If you are going on a long trip and want to keep your boat for many years, then you should invest in the single axle trailer. They’re easier to maintain and move around, and you’ll be more comfortable dealing with them.

However, if you are only looking for something that will stick better on the road, the multiple axle trailer is your best option.

Their downside is that they’re bulky and aren’t easy to push around with the hands. But one of the biggest advantages they have is that they won’t flip on terrain or by coming into contact with bumps.

If your Jon boat is small and you don’t really want to invest much in trailers, you should be fine with a single axle trailer. Also, if your boat is large, and you can afford the multiple axle trailer, that’s the best way to go.


Trailer lights are very important in terms of safety; They play a big role in ensuring that you can see where you are going and ensuring that the trailer doesn’t flip while moving at night.

Some people might not think about this factor before buying their Jon boat trailer, but it is something that should be considered as a part of your purchase decision process.

Trailers with LED lights are better than those with halogen lights because they are more energy-efficient. They also last longer, which means you can save money and enjoy a brighter light.


Tires attached to a Jon boat trailer can determine how you enjoy your ride. The tread pattern of the tire should be smooth and wide, with a deep profile for traction on water. It should also have a strong casing so it can withstand the weight of your boat without getting damaged.

The tires will be in contact with the ground and will be responsible for carrying the weight of your Jon boat, that’s why you have to make sure they’re durable enough to carry the weight of the boat.

Radial tires are the best option for trailers because they don’t often transmit sidewall flex, which is a problem that can lead to critical damage.

Radial tires have a line connecting the center of the tire to its outer edge. This line is called the tread, and it helps reduce the amount of sidewall flex in the tire.

Frame construction

The frame construction should be able to withstand bumps and jumps, and it should also be well-constructed. It is recommended that you buy one that is made from steel or aluminum because these materials are durable and sturdy.


A flat button is a popular feature on Jon boats because it provides better stability and makes it easier to keep the boat upright when fishing. Flat bunks are your best option if you want better stability and ease of transportation.

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