What Is The Only Arrowhead That May Be Used For Big Game Hunting?

What Is The Only Arrowhead That May Be Used For Big Game Hunting? A major concern for big-time hunters is selecting the arrowhead to use; there are lots of arrow tips to use, and the most popular ones include the following:

  • Practice points
  • Small game points, and
  • Broadheads

Broadheads are the makers of some of the world’s best arrowheads, and that’s why the slogan, “Broadheads are big game broadheads!” never gets old. The issue is picking the right fit for the job.

The right size can bring down that huge animal in one shot, but a mid-size makes hunting challenging. Here are useful tips to help determine the right option for a big hunt.

Types of Broadheads

To get an idea of the ideal size for big hunting, it is important to know the types of Broadheads available. They are generally classified into the fix-blade and mechanical broadheads.

Mechanical Broadheads

This class is designed majorly for on-surface impact. Its physical design consists of three blades folded on the head’s shaft. General features for this class are it cuts through on immediate impact, leaves a blood trail, and hits the aim on the target.

Many people are wary of this class because sometimes, the impact is not dependable, and folds mid-flight when in indirect contact with the bone.

It is preferable for an on-point shot. Initially, if the blades fold up, the entire shaft had to be replaced, but it is possible to now replace only the blades.

Fixed-Blade Broadheads

This class is known for its huge impact, cutting deep into the game when it hits. Its architecture is made up of well-inserted blades, enclosed with razors on its side that account for increased strength and firmness.

A major con about this class is its crudeness. Shots were taken with this arrowhead lack accuracy because of the blades that disperse mid-air.

Major improvements have been made to correct this though. Even with the con, many hunters still prefer this class because of its deep penetration of the target.

Notes on Weight of Big Game Arrowheads

Going further on the choice of an arrowhead, an additional factor to consider when choosing the choice arrowhead is the weight and dimension of the arrowhead.

A regular Broadhead arrowhead weighs between 100-125 grains, with its height set between 0.8-1 inch. When choosing the right arrowhead, consider that a better penetration results from a heavier Broadhead.

Broadhead Tips

Based on the types of Broadheads, the tip attached to the arrowhead is divided into two:

Chisel Points:

The chisel points consist of blades sitting on a chiseled tip. Upon impact, it continues to tear through the animal as the chiseled point clears the path. It is the best means for breaking through the bones of the animal. It also smashes heavily.

Cut on Contact:

This tip does not dig through but cuts on contact with the animal. The tip is sharp and accurate and does all the work of cutting through the animal, killing it instantly.

Why are Broadheads Big Game Arrowheads?

What Is The Only Arrowhead That May Be Used For Big Game Hunting?

During a hunt, killing an animal through deep penetration is determined by four factors:

  • Arrow anatomy
  • friction
  • Kinetic energy, and
  • Broadhead selection

Deep penetration using bows is only as effective as the type of arrowhead used for the hunt. An arrow can do the heavy work of killing huge animals including the mule deer, elk, antelope, moose, kudu, etc. accurately.

A major advantage of using a bow and arrow or a gun is hemorrhage of blood. An arrowhead is sure to pierce through blood arteries and organs in the body, causing the animal to hemorrhage quickly. A gunshot, however, causes shock to the body.

Using a Broadhead arrowhead saves costs but is deadly effective for hunting the animal. Its razor-shaped arrowhead tears through body organs and blood vessels, and can still be cleaned and reused on the next hunt.

What Game Can Be Hunted with a Broadhead?

The perfect Broadhead to use for a hunt is dependent on the size of the animal in mind. A Broadhead arrowhead may be useless for smaller-sized animals such as squirrels, etc. The kind of arrows appropriate are the flu-flu arrow and blunts.

For the bigger games including moderately sized like the Pheasants, a Broadhead can be used to fulfill ethical concerns, but the higher sizes like the whitetail deer require the broadhead, and the arrowhead varies according to the strength of the hunter and his bow size.

What is the Best Arrowhead that should be used for elks?

A perfect broadhead for this animal is the deep penetrating kind that brings down the animal on impact. An elk is big and fast on its legs and can run with a slight injury. Consider using the fixed blade heads for this game.

What is the best arrowhead for Turkeys?

A mechanical head is ideal for this animal. This is because Turkey is a flying bird and only an arrowhead pierces through the body, hitting the body organs, as the penetration ability is required.

What Type of Arrow Point is used for Practicing in the Field?

  • Target Points:

The target points are known for their pointed tips and allow them to fly faster with a high rate of penetration. This arrow point is suitable for use on the archery arrow.

  • Bullet Points:

This arrow point is suitable for archery because of its reusable effectiveness. It can be reused repetitively.

  • PinPoints:

This arrow point is highly effective at penetrating its target, probably because its shape bends at a certain angle, reducing flight time.

  • Field Tips:

The field tips are the most commonly used tip for hunting small animals, as well as perfecting targeting. They widen towards the base which allows them to come out of the target.

  • Combo Points:

The combo points are a mixture of the field and bullet tips with their design widened at the shoulder. It is perfect for foam and 3D targets.

  • Judo Points:

The judo point is designed to keep arrows from being lost while in the field. It is shaped with arms popped out, allowing the arrow to remain in an upright position.

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